▼Event Overview
▼Guidelines for Participants
▼Where to Purchase the Event Catalogue
▼About Precautions against the Coronavirus
▼About Age Verification and Purchasing Adult-Only Works
▼Timetable for General Participants
▼Event Day Guidelines

 【2023年 8月 31日更新】

The information on this page is subject to change as the event date nears.
We ask you to check this page regularly for updates.

▼Event Overview

Date Sep. 17th (Sun.) 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
(The event timetable is subject to change)
Venue TRC Tokyo Ryutsu Center
Hosted by KEMOKET Executive Committee (Skypalette)

▼Guidelines for Participants

アイコン The admission policy for KEMOKET 13 is the same as that of KEMOKET 13, which is “Using Lotteries for First Admission (Forming waiting lines in the Second Hall on the second floor)”.
The meeting time for general participants is 10:00 am, and staffers will lead you to one of the lines in “the Second Hall on the second floor.”
After you get in your line, we will draw lotteries at random for each line and let you know which line of participants can admit when.
(In case the Second Hall on the second floor gets full, waiting lines will be formed in the first Hall on the first floor and some other areas of the venue. In that case, waiting lines will be formed on a first-come-first-served basis)

アイコン The venue will be open at 10:00 for general participants(excluding cos-play participants).
Please don’t get together with your friends inside and around Ryutsu Center Station and the venue between 10:00 am and noon. Please get together BEFORE getting to the venue.

アイコン If you plan to purchase your catalogue onsite, you will have the chance to get in your waiting line after those who already got it through mail order. If you plan to join the event with your friends, please discuss them with this time in advance.

アイコン You may go outside after getting in the waiting line at the Second Hall, but you may not come back to where you were after the designated period of time. In such case, you will get in the last of the newest line. Please be aware of where you were when you come back (We recommend that you finish shopping at places like convenience stores before getting in your line).

アイコン General participants should read and understand the guidelines throughly before joining the event.

▼Where to Purchase the Event Catalogue

アイコン General participants must have the catalogue for admission. It serves as an admission ticket (fee), so please present it upon admission.

アイコン The catalogue price is going to be 1,500 JPY.
(If the catalog is sold out, admission is free.)

アイコン Please purchase your copy onsite.

▼About Precautions against the Coronavirus

アイコン In accordance with discussions with the venue, we would like to ask all participants to observe the following points in order to prevent new coronavirus infection.

アイコン On the Event Day, please check the following.
アイコン If your body temperature is over 37.5 celsius degrees.
アイコン If you have symptoms of a cold such as chill, fever, coughing.

Please don’t join the event if you have one or two of the above symptoms.

アイコン Wearing a mask is optional to prevent heat stroke. (Wearing them is recommended)
Please disinfect your fingers with alcohol and wash your hands regularly.

アイコン If you meet one of the following conditions, please watch your health carefully and consider not joining the event if necessary.
アイコンOver 60 years old
アイコンHave a basic disease
アイコンLive with someone with a high infection risk
アイコンHave got no coronavirus vaccines

アイコン Only bottled beverages are allowed inside the building.
Please eat outside the building.

アイコン One of the major objectives of KEMOKET is communication with one another, but for this event, please try to keep your communication short.

アイコン If you decide to go home, please do so quickly without hanging out in the venue too long.

アイコン If we, the Committee, must cancel the event due to unavoidable circumstances like natural disasters, their damage on the venue, accidents, or cancel orders from the local and national governments, or the effect of the virus infection, please keep in mind that we may not be able to reimburse you the money you paid for the catalogue.
(Note: We will do the best we can if the event is canceled, but instead of the reimbursement, we will be likely to offer you some discount for the next event as we have to pay the huge costs of the event and face the possibility of too much paperwork to give you your money back.)

▼About Age Verification and Purchasing Adult-Only Works

We will not verify your age.

If you plan to see or purchase adult-only works, please bring your ID just as always.

▼Timetable for General Participants

10:00 Start forming waiting lines & selling the catalogue at the venue
12:00 KEMOKET 14 starts!
1:00 Cos-play Area to be open
4:00 KEMOKET 14 ends
4:30 All general participants should leave the venue

▼Event Day Guidelines

アイコン Please don’t shop at the convenience store inside the venue for breaking bills.
Please get your change ready yourself before joining the event.

アイコン There will be no parking space. Please use the public transportation to get to the venue.

アイコン The venue will be open at 10:00am for general participants. Please don’t come before that.

アイコン You should NOT get together with your friends at Ryutsu Center Station of the Tokyo Monorail Line, the nearest station from the venue, or inside the venue. Please get together BEFORE coming to the venue.

アイコン You cannot get together with your friends in a waiting line. You cannot take spaces for them in the line, either.

アイコン Disturbing acts such as sitting-in, getting together, hanging out, making noise are strictly prohibited.
The same rule is applied outside the venue.
If you do these acts, we may have to cancel the event onsite or be unable to rent the venue for the future KEMOKET sessions.

アイコン At crowded areas, you cannot organize your bags or use your electric devices.

アイコン General participants must have the catalogue. Please present yours to staffers at the entrance.
You must buy another again if you lost your catalogue.

アイコン The catalogue has all the guidelines about joining the event.
Please read them carefully before the event.

アイコン Please obey any warnings from the Committee such as No Trespassing, Keep Closed, No Photo or Video Shooting.

アイコン You must not bring any dangerous objects into the venue.

アイコン Alcohol is strictly prohibited (You may not enter the venue if drunk). Smoking is allowed only at the designated smoking area. You cannot smoke inside the venue.

アイコン You may wear accessories such as ears, tails in the venue, but we will ask you to take them off if we judge it can cause trouble to other participants.
Wearing accessories is permitted only inside the venue. Please don’t do that before or after the event.

アイコン General participants may not sell their own works in the venue.

アイコン Joining the event to purchase works for resale is strictly prohibited. If the Committee finds such a participant, s/he will never be allowed to join KEMOKET ever again.

アイコン As a measure to prevent the coronavirus, there will be no trash bins in the venue for general participants.
Please take all your garbage with you.

アイコン Please notify the Committee if you lost or found something.
After the event, please send your inquiry about your lost item through our official website.
(If nobody claims his or her lost item, we will discard it about a week after the event ended)
It may take up to a week for the Committee to check lost items as a measure to prevent the coronavirus (Please be aware that a lost item will be discarded if it is something to wear).
We may not be able to respond to your inquiry in a timely manner.

アイコン All participants must take responsibility about handling their valuables.

アイコン All troubles between participants should be resolved by themselves.
However, if you suffer from or get hurt by someone’s trouble or witness it in the venue, please notify staffers near you immediately.

アイコン The Committee will take no responsibility against any thefts and accidents that occurred in the venue. It’s solely your responsibility to be cautious.

アイコン If you destroy the venue equipment, you must pay for it or repair it yourself.

アイコン Please notify staffers near you if you feel sick or get injured.

アイコン You must not use the electricity of the venue.

 Manners on Shopping 
アイコン If you purchase works, please wait for your turn by forming two rows. Please don’t get into the next circle’s space when you wait in a line or check out your circles’ works.

アイコン If you purchase or view adult-only works and the circle decides to verify your age, please get your ID ready and present it to them.

アイコン If you want to check out a work, please tell the circle by saying “Misetekudasai (Let me check it out)”

アイコン During shopping, it’s a no-no to put your belongings or money on circles’ works.

アイコン When you purchase a work, please get change ready and avoid using large bills like 10,000 yen. If you have to, please make sure the circle has enough change.

アイコン Please don't hang out in front of circles’s space.
 In Case of Emergency 
アイコンIn case of a natural disaster, please stay where you are and wait for instructions from the staff or the venue announcement.

アイコンPlease notify staffers near you immediately if you find an accident.

アイコンCalling 119 (Fire Department) or 110 (Police) will be done by the Committee.
  Please DO NOT do that INDIVIDUALLY.
Please do obey the instructions of the staff during the event.
Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and cooperation.