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The first order of admission to the venue will be decided by lottery at Kemoket 8. Please be advised that it will NOT be based on a first-come-first-served basis.
General participants should read the following standards of conduct throughly before coming to the event.

アイコン We will escort the first group of participants to the Second Exhibition Hall.
(If you wait in line without a catalogue, we will take you to the Hall after you get it.)

アイコン Only those who wait in multiple lines inside the Second Exhibition Hall are entitled to draw the lottery.
Participants will draw the lottery randomly line by line, and we will escort them to the First Exhibition Hall according to the lottery results.

アイコン When the Second Exhibition Hall gets jam-packed with people and you have to wait in line outside the Hall, you will be able to enter the venue after the first group.

アイコン Don’t meet up your friends at Tokyo Monorail Ryutsu Center Station, the surrounding areas and the venue between 10 am to noon. Please meet up your friends BEFORE you get to the venue.

アイコン Those with catalogues and those without them will be escorted to the venue in different ways, so they cannot get in the same line together.

アイコン You may get outside after you get in line at the Second Exhibition Hall, but you will need to get to the end of the line again. We recommend that you get your shopping done (like food or drink) before you get in line.

アイコン While the event starts and the first group of participants finish entering the venue, you will need to go through the Second Exhibition Hall to get there.

▼Event Overview

Title Kemoket 8
Type Fanzine / doujin works distribution event primarily focused on anthropomorphic animals, dragons, mascots, kemono (furries)
Date April 29th (Mon/Holiday) 2019 (Japanese Standard Time)
Venue TRC (Tokyo Ryutsu Center)
Organizer Kemoket Committee (Skypalette)


The Committee will not conduct age verification.

Please read [Age verification guideline] for details.

If you plan to view or purchase works with mature content, please bring documents that prove that you are 18 or older like the previous Kemokets.

▼Event Timetable for General Participants

10:00 Waiting line formation / Event catalogue sales
12:00 Kemoket 8 starts
13:30 Fursuit Area opens
15:00 Starting to take delivery orders
16:30 Kemoket 8 ends
17:00 Finishing cleaning up the venue completely

アイコン This timetable is subject to change until the event starts.
Please be advised that the timetable may also be modified on the event day depending on the congestion situation.

▼Event Catalogue Sales

アイコン General participants are required to purchase a copy of the catalogue for admission. The catalogue serves as an "admission ticket" (admission fee), so you must present it to the staff to enter the venue.

アイコン The catalogue price is 1,500 JPY (Tentative price) per copy.

アイコン You can purchase your copy at the catalogue selling booth on the event day or through mail order in advance.

▼Standards of Conduct for the Event Day

アイコン Please refrain from shopping at the convenience stores inside the venue just to break bills.
Please get enough change ready before you enjoy shopping at the venue.

アイコン The Committee will not arrange for parking space at the venue. Please try to use public transportation as much as you can to come to the venue.

アイコン The admission time for general participants is 10 am. You must not come before that time.

アイコン Smoking inside the designated smoking areas of the venue is prohibited until noon, which is the event start time.
Also, you should not meet up your friends at Tokyo Monorail Ryutsu Center Station, the nearest station to the venue, or inside the venue site. Meet up with them BEFORE you come to the venue.

アイコン From the venue open to waiting line dismissal, you need to pass through the Second Exhibition Hall to get to the First Exhibition Hall, which is the event venue. Please also understand you cannot get out once you enter the Second Exhibition Hall during this time period.

アイコン You cannot get together with your friends in waiting line. You cannot take spaces for your friends in waiting line, either.

アイコン Disturbing acts for others inside the venue are prohibited such as sitting-in, gathering, hanging out, being too noisy etc. These acts are prohibited OUTSIDE the venue as well.
If you violate this rule, the event might get cancelled immediately, and it might make it impossible to rent a venue for the event in the future. We sincerely ask you NEVER to do all these disturbing acts.

アイコン Please refrain from organizing the contents of your bag or working on something with your electronic devices inside the venue when it's crowded.

アイコン General participants need the catalogue for admission. Please be sure to present it to the staff at the gate when you enter the venue.
Please be very careful not to lose your catalogue because you will need to purchase an extra copy for admission if you do.

アイコン The catalogue has all the information you need to know to enjoy the event.
Please read the standards of conduct well before you join the event.

アイコン Please always obey the precautions from the Committee such as "No trespassing," "Don't keep it open," "No photo shooting / video filming" etc.

アイコン Please be advised that we might temporarily limit the number of people who can enter the venue if it gets extremely crowded.

アイコン Please do not bring any dangerous objects into the venue.

アイコン General participants may not eat or drink inside the venue.
Go to the neighboring restaurants or use the relaxing space for eating and drinking.

アイコン We have a zero tolerance policy on drinking alcohol inside the venue. (We ask anyone not to join the event if s/he is drunk)
Smoking is allowed only in the designated smoking areas.

アイコン You may wear accessories such as ears, tails etc. inside the venue, but the Committee may ask you to take them off when they decide doing so can trouble other participants.
(You may wear your accessories only inside the venue. Please refrain from doing so when you come to or leave the venue.)
You may not cover your face during the event unless it's for medical use.

アイコン General participants may not sell anything inside the venue.

アイコン We prohibit entering the venue and shopping if your aim is resale. If you get caught for doing that, we ask you to leave the venue and prohibit you from joining Kemoket once and for all.

アイコン Please throw your garbage into the designated dumping site or bring it home with you if you can't. Please also be sure to separate your garbage at the dumping site.

アイコン Please notify the staff if you drop something or find a lost item.
Please direct your inquiries about lost and found items after the event to the venue. If there are valuables in lost and found items, the Committee will keep them for 5 days and take inquiries about them through the official website.
The Committee will bring the lost valuables to the police after the 5 days.

アイコン Every participant is solely responsible for handling his or her valuables.

アイコン Every participant is required to resolve any troubles or problems that happen with other participants by himself or herself.

アイコン We are not responsible for any theft or accidents that happen inside the venue, so please take good care of yourself during the event.

アイコン Please keep in mind that you will pay for the damage of the equipments or repair them at the venue if you break any.

アイコン Please notify the staff when you feel sick or get mildly injured.

アイコン You may not use electricity or recharge your devices using the venue outlets.

 Guideline for Shopping  
アイコン Please form a two-row line without being told when you would like to shop and need to wait for your turn.

アイコン If you would like to view or purchase works containing mature content and the circle decides they need to verify your age, please present your ID that proves that you are 18 or older.

アイコン Please do obey the instructions from the staff or circles when you get in line to wait for your turn to make a purchase.
Please be courteous enough not to disturb the neighboring circles when you get in line or would like to check out works of your favorite circle.

アイコン Please ask your favorite circle if you would like to check out any of their works by saying something like, "Misete kudasai" (Please let me check it out).

アイコン It is a big no-no to put your belongings or money on the works of your favorite circle when you would like to shop for any of them.

アイコン You should try to prepare change for making a purchase at a circle. If you have to use big bills like 10,000 yen, please check with the circle if they can give you the change.

アイコン Please refrain from gathering in front of any spaces for circles.

 In Case of Emergency 
アイコン Please stay still and obey the announcements or instructions from the staff or the venue in case of emergency.

アイコン If you find a problem or an accident, please notify the staffer nearest to you immediately.

アイコン All emergency calls to 119 (Fire Department) or 110 (Police) will be made only by the Committee.
You may not make emergency calls individually.
Please do obey the instructions of the staff during the event.
Thank you very much in advance for your understanding and cooperation.